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Extending and amplifying or building and separating your lashes has never been easier than with The Dual Mascara No2. One end has a ball tip wand for separation, building volume and adding length to all those hard to coat lashes. The lower and inner lashes are now made easy to reach with pinpoint precision. The other end has an hourglass wand that layers and lifts every lash to the max. Extending and amplifying. In glossy black with added nourishing Jojoba oil. If you want volume, length and detail with added definition, The Dual Mascara No2


To build and separate, apply horizontally beneath the upper lashes as close to the root as possible and slowly drag the wand up to the mid lengths. Lighten the pressure and wiggle it from side to side as you pull it through the ends to coat each lash. Then turn the wand vertically and let the ball point capture and separate the harder to reach inner corner and bottom lashes. To extend and amplify, apply horizontally from the root upwards. The hourglass wand will coat the lashes to achieve instant fullness. You can build this to your desired effect. Add to bottom lashes for that extra stroke of drama.