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Whether it's lengthen and volume or lift and curl, the dual mascara is a richly pigmented smudge proof double ended Mascara which does it all, but with a difference. Glossy Deep Black in colour and nourishing with a weightless texture. One half to create length and volume with a perfect sized pointed wand for that extra lengthening and thickening boost, and the other half is a curved wand to hug the lashes from the root to tip, curling as you coat them. Contains Jojoba Oil for moisturising and growth benefits.


place the mascara horizontally beneath the upper lashes, as close to the root as possible and slowly pull it up to the mid lengths, the lighten the pressure and wiggle it from side to side as you pull it through the ends of the lashes. Adding to the bottom lashes, you can also turn the wand vertically to separate and define the lashes. This will ensure all the lashes are coated and the wands will create shape and fullness.