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The Crown Jewels is a mesmerising magical treasure chest of sumptuous Jewels toned eyeshadows inspired by the beauty of supreme gemstones and the divine grandeur of a royal crown.10 luxurious highly pigmented colours with decadent textures of multi toned multi-chrome, shimmering sparkle and velvety mattes. Sapphire, Emerald, White Diamond, Citrine and Amethyst, mixed with Gold, Garnet, Lolite, Mother of Pearl and Onyx. Long lasting and buildable for a multitude of majestic alternatives to dress the eyes. The palette also includes a dual ended eyeliner to compliment all of the eyeshadow shades. One half of the eyeliner is a deep royal purple and the other half a rich black to add extra depth and drama around the lashes and on the waterline.

Apply with a flat brush for denser colour or a soft rounded eye shadow brush on the eye lid and crease area for smooth, even coverage. Blending together colours for a soft finish, a smaller pencil brush or angle brush is great for precision and detail to apply accent colours and create shape. The eyeliner pencil lines around the eye for that extra bit of colour and drama, or can be applied in the waterline to open or smoulder your finished look.