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9 Heavenly shades of virtue, beauty, femininity and love, transforming you into the ultimate goddess.

Divine velvety matt shades in a soft nude and warm terracotta. 2 Angelic shimmering shades in gold and bronze adding a luxurious supreme ray of light. 2 Sparkling metallic foil glimmer shades in turquoise and pink. 2 Pastel cream shades in soft petal pink and champaign, and 1 celestially definitive pop of glitter to mesmerise, transforming your eyes into a polychromatic muse of highly pigmented colour and breathtaking textures. Easy to apply and long-lasting.


Apply matt, shimmer and foil shadows with a flat eyeshadow bush for denser colour or a rounded eye shadow brush to create shape or a soft crease, for smooth even coverage. Blend the colours together for a softer finish. Brush or a clean finger can be used to apply the cream shadows. A smaller pencil brush or angle brush is great for precision and detail to apply the accent pop glitter colour.