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Blinded by Love. The Love eyeshadows and eyeliner is the sweetheart of eye palettes.10 romantic bursts of colour you will fall head over heals in love with. A rapture of inseparable hues of soft amorous mattes, enchanting shimmers enough to make your heart skip a beat. Love has no limits with a sumptuous dual eyeliner that embraces and lines around the eye and in the waterline. One end is a soft maroon and the other a warm nude.There is only one real happiness in this life and that is to be loved and love in return. So let’s all help to spread the love.
Apply with a flat brush for denser colour or a soft rounded eye shadow brush on the eye lid and crease area for smooth, even coverage. Blending together colours for a soft finish, a smaller pencil brush or angle brush is great for precision and detail to apply accent colours and create shape. The eyeliner pencil lines around the eye for that extra bit of colour and drama, or can be applied in the waterline to open or smoulder your finished look.Caution: Stop using this product if you develop redness or itching.